Excavating Services in Kalispell, MT

Site Preparation and Demolition

Site Preparation and Demolition At Massey Excavation, we bring a tradition of excellence to every job we do. Whether you need a site prepared and the land graded or you’re looking for curbs or sidewalks constructed, we’re the company to call. Our experts are experienced in handling all types of projects and we make it our mission to be sure the job is done right the first time. Our services include:

Excavating services

When you’re in need of excavation services, look no further than Massey Excavation. We are experienced in handling all types of excavation jobs, including residential and commercial, and consistently deliver results that far exceed the expectations of our clients.

Septic tank installation

Don’t trust just any company with your septic tank installation in Kalispell, MT. We specialize in this service and have been providing installations for all styles and sizes of septic tanks for decades. You can trust us to meet codes and get the job done safely, effectively and quickly.


At Massey Excavation, we have the skills, experience and equipment to get a demolition job done right. Whether you’re clearing out a site to build new construction or simply need a minor demolition for a remodel, we can provide accurate and prompt results.


Let us prepare your construction site with cleaning, clearing and grading. We make sure your site is fully cleared and ready for any type of construction project. Trust us with your site preparation in Kalispell, MT, and we’ll get the work done on schedule and to your exact specifications.

Curbing &

Our professionals are experienced with installing curbs and sidewalks to all types of construction projects. We are careful to meet code and measure the grade and height of all of our sidewalks and curbs so that the job is done right.

Landscaping services

When you’re completing a construction project, you may need to bring in new trees or provide other landscaping services. Leave the work to us. We’re experienced in handling all types of landscaping and make sure you’re satisfied with the work we do.

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